Personal Loans With Bad Credit: What Bad Credit Borrowers Really Need to Know

The number of times a poor financial situation requires an injection of funds is often more frequent than we would like. When it comes to seeking a solution, and applying for a personal loan with bad credit, there can be some hurdles in the way.

The good news, of course, is that there are options available, even for those of us with very poor credit histories. Securing approval with low credit scores is not actually at the heart of the challenge; proving the loan is affordable is the key.

But while it might seem a straightforward matter to meet the necessary criteria, there can be complications to the process if the proper preparation is not put in. Securing the green light on an application for a personal loan, especially from bad credit borrowers, require some specific steps.

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Evaluate Your Circumstances

The first step to take is to look carefully as the state of your own financial affairs. There is no room for wishful thinking here. Getting a personal loan with bad credit is difficult enough without choosing to avoid reality.

There are ways to improve a credit score, not least by clearing up some of the debts that already exist. But the real point to evaluating your situation is to see what loan is affordable and therefore attainable. We may want to borrow $50,000 to clear every debt in one fell swoop, but we may only be able to afford $15,000.

To secure approval with low credit scores, it is essential to know how much can be made in repayments, and to stick to that budget. Remember that lenders adhere to the debt-to-income ratio, which sets 40% of available income as the limit to debt repayments. So, just 40% of your excess income is the maximum repayment on a personal loan that can be made.

Seek Out Online Lenders

Another point is that traditional lenders rarely offer decent loan deals, especially on personal loans with bad credit. Their interest rates are high and their charges and penalty schemes are strict. Often, the loan limits are too low, so no real impact can be made even if the loan were approved.

Online lenders are recognized experts in bad credit lending, with a structure to their loan packages that are designed specifically to match the needs of bad credit borrowers. Interest rates are usually much lower, and the loan term longer, ensuring the lowest possible monthly repayment sum. With these factors, approval with low credit scores is much more likely.

However, as with all unsecured personal loans, there are limits to how much can be borrowed. Again, this is where your budget comes into play, but remember that some online lenders limit their loans with no collateral to $5,000.

Consider a Cosigner

But what if the loan needed is higher than can be secured? Perhaps, a consolidation loan of $50,000 is needed to make real progress, but getting a personal loan with bad credit of that size is practically impossible.

By finding a cosigner for the loan, that situation is reversed and approval is practically guaranteed. This is because a cosigner guarantees that repayments will be made, even when the borrower is unable to.

And with the risk of default removed, there is no reason to reject the application, so the likelihood of getting approval with low credit scores is extremely high. Still, not just anyone can be accepted as a cosigner. They need to have an excellent credit history and a large enough income to meet the personal loan repayments if necessary.

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