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Technology has made it so easy for any sort of transaction to be made online, whether it is for social networking, for business opportunities, or for making a loan. Nowadays, there is something called fast loan online wherein a potential borrower can search for a credit company, apply online, and get approval fast. Lenders that provide fast loan approvals are increasing in conjunction to a growing need for such types of credit. While searching for a fast loan online, one is likely to come across certain terms used in the industry. To be able to choose wisely from among the lenders, here is an overview of the terminology used:

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o Fast loan is a type of loan that allows a borrower access to cash that is high interest and high APR but with the benefits of quick one day processing, online application, less requirements, a short term repayment scheme, with no need for a high credit rating and no need for good credit history.

o APR is an abbreviation for Annual Percentage Rate. This is a number that says how high or how low a loan's interest is percentage wise, when calculated annually or yearly. As a borrower chooses from among the credit offerings he must keep in mind that a lower APR would be more attractive than a high APR. In the case of fast loans, however, APR's would be higher than most regular loans. Balancing out cost to benefit is a good system when making a decision.

o Interest is a cost to borrowers and an income to lenders. It is the amount of money that is exchanged in return for credit. Payback would then include the principal amount loaned plus the interest. Interest rates vary according to the type of loan and the potential risk to lenders. The benefit of searching online is that it allows you to choose from among the loan offerings and their corresponding interest rates. Again, fast loans will have a higher interest rate than a regular loan.

o Credit worthiness is a term used by lenders in determining a potential borrower's ability and willingness to pay debts. This is calculated by checking a person's income and his credit report. Income is easily checked by requiring the past month's paycheck while a credit report is requested from the credit bureau. The credit bureau is an entity that keeps information and records on financial transactions. A fast loan online is made possible by the elimination of this type of qualification for borrowers.

Once armed with the knowledge of what a fast loan is and how it is different from other types of loans, a borrower can now make an informed decision about managing his personal finances. In a nutshell, lenders that provide fast loan approvals provide a service to their clients, for a fee. The service is the speed and convenience of a fast loan. The fee is a higher annual percentage rate. This is in comparison to traditional credit that is procured through conventional financial institutions such as banks.

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