How to Avoid Defaulted Student Loans

A defaulted student loan can occurs when you fail to pay your monthly or annual dues on a required date and if lender is not successful in his attempts to collect payments from you. Students often face this problem because they lack proper planning before they decided to borrow money or they are currently experiencing financial crisis.

So here are some tips to students to help them avoid having loans in a default state.

1. Before applying for a loan, determine if a loan is a necessity for you. Think of some other options you can do to generate money to help you on your schooling. For example, you can have a part time job on a fast-food restaurant during your free hours.

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2. If you really need the loan, then think of the long term obligation and responsibilities you will have because of the loan. Calculate your monthly payment and number of years it would take to pay off your debts. Evaluate if you can perform those obligations and responsibilities.

3. Graduate and look for a job. If you were able to get a job, then you will most likely be able to pay your monthly dues. However, it doesn't end there because you need to have a job that can generate an income for your monthly loan payment and also support you on your daily expenses.

4. Spend your money wisely. Create a budget so you know where your money is going. Always find ways to save your money and only buy the things you really need.

5. Do not fail to pay your monthly dues.

6. Organize your loan records in a folder. Be sure to keep your receipts, checks, notes, notices or any important document regarding your loan. This keep you on track about how much you have paid already and how many more payments you need to take to get you out of debt.

7. Immediately inform your lender of any changes which has possible effect on your loan repayment. This includes change of name or address, transfer to other school or graduation.

8. Always get in touch with your lender if you are experiencing financial problems. Most lenders offer other options such as forbearance or deferments that can postpone your payments. Some also has repayment alternative which you may quality for. Remember that you may not know all options so it is better to ask your lender to seek advice or help.

9. You can also opt for consolidation loan. The repayments for consolidation loan are more manageable compared to other loan because you can extend the term when paying your loan. But this may mean that the loan interest would be much higher.

10. Keep an eye for free or discounted services. If your school offers free services which will help you cut down your school expenses such or your lender offers discounted price for borrowers that pays their monthly dues on time, take advantage of these opportunities. You will see that you can save hundreds of dollars.

11. If you are using credit card, know your limitations. Keep in mind that purchasing an item using a credit card imposes another interest charge. Better not have a credit card to avoid spending more, but if you must need one, look for credit card company that offers the lowest interest rate.

Having a defaulted student loan can cause bad credit history and results in a larger debt. Thus, it is best that you take the precautionary measures to avoid having loan default.

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